Arthrokinetic Therapy Mobilization Belts

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Arthrokinetic Therapy Mobilization Belts

Arthrokinetic Therapy Mobilization Belts

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Arthrokinetic Therapy
Mobilization Belts


This Mobilization Belt makes tough joints like hips and shoulders mobilizations made easy. Works Smarter not Harder!!!

Arthrokinetic Therapy Belt for the manual therapist.


  • 8 FEET long (244 cm) and 4-INCH wide (10 cm) 1.4 mil thick webbing.
  • Extremely strong steal welded buckles. No moving or plastic parts to break! You will not find a more durable, comfortable, ease to use mobilization belt on the market.

This belt will change the way you practice and save your body mechanical stress and potential injury.

Easy to adjust for Joint play mobilization Techniques.

  • Makes for easy hip traction
  • End Range Loading Techniques for The Spine and Extremities
  • Localized Lumbar and Thoracic Extensions
  • Active and Passive Stretching Techniques
  • Stabilization for the Pelvis and Si Joints.
  • Increase Lordosis, decrease kyphosis
  • Reduce Head forward posture with Thoracic Extension
  • Osseous bending techniques (Tibial, Femoral Etc.)
  • Patient Transfers ease and with comfort.
  • Very comfortable because of the 4 inch (10 cms) wide strong webbing

More Specifications:

  • 2 Cold Rolled Steel buckles 3/8 inch steel 5X3 inches, double stitched.
  • Rolls up into and compact to fix into a travel bag or case. Approximately 1.28 pounds total weight.
  • Unconditional guarantee, try it for 90 days, if you not completely satisfied just return for a full refund no questions asked.

Highly recommend getting two belts for the advanced therapist, for techniques like stabilizing the pelvis and the other applying lateral traction of the hip.

2 Belts

Examples of Usage of the Arthrokinetic Therapy Mobilization Belts

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