Private Course Fee Schedule

For those needing custom courses. We do offer custom courses. The fee schedule for doing custom Arthrokinetic Courses is as below:

Group Courses Starting at $2125.00 (3 hour course)

  • Custom course creation and certification for continuing education credits :$1000.00 (per college,institution or province)
  • $375 per credit hour for facilitating and instructing the workshop up to 25 participants – (for larger groups please contact us for further details.)
  • $125 per credit hour for teachers assistant if required. (above 25 participants)
  • Venue fees are the responsibility of the promoter
  • Predetermined travel expenses if required to travel.

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Massage Therapy Courses offered in Alberta, British Columbia Canada. Our course selection varies according to availability so please check back often as the selection and course times will vary. Early booking discounts are available.

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Previous Courses Photos

Arthrokinetic Courses Group

Arthrokinetic Group Oct 2018

Lower Extremity

Arthrokinetic Group June 2018

Cervical and Upper Extremity

Arthrokinetic Group Vernon 2018

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

3 On One Treatment

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

Arm Pull with Strap

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

Lateral Flexion Fun

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

Fun with Sica

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

Hip Traction

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

ITB Stretch

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt


Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

Kaeley and Aleesha Friday Night Fun

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

Karl and Megan

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

Tia Performing ERL Into Extension

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

Lumbar Extension

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

Sica Having Fun with Fabers

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

Todd and Jamie Fun with Lateral Flexion

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

Lateral Traction of the Hip

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

Using the Arthrokinetic Belt

Cervical Nerve Root Stretching

Example of what is learned in our courses

Sitting thoracic extension
Sitting Thoracic Extension

Example of what is learned in our courses

Posterior Glide of the Head on Neck

Example of what is learned in our courses

Piriformis stretch with Belt

Example of what is learned in our courses

Arm Pull

Example of what is learned in our courses

Abductor Stretch with Belt

Example of what is learned in our courses


Example of what is learned in our courses

Hip Flexor Stretch Supine

Example of what is learned in our courses

Biceps Femoris Stretch

Example of what is learned in our courses

What our clients Say

"I highly recommend Mike’s courses to any practitioner who wants to take their practice to the next level. The course content is a game-changer for any practice and Mike’s teaching style keeps you motivated and interested for the duration of the course. The course theory and techniques are very accessible and allow you to apply them quickly and effectively to your practice. This is overall the best and most useful course I have ever taken in my 26 years of practice! " Owner/Director Change Your Pain Kamloops


Melissa West, BPE, RMT

I have taken a few Arthrokinetic Therapy courses and I would highly recommend them. Mike has carefully constructed interesting, engaging, and quickly applicable course material. These courses combine a focused review with learning NEW and fun techniques! The relaxed instruction allows you to feel comfortable, ask questions and then apply them to your practice.

Neal Eberle


"Thanks again Mike for the great course, I definitely learned a few things that I'm going to incorporate into my practice."

Mike Reoch – RMT

I just wanted to say thank you. The refresher on some things and all the new stuff I learned will absolutely help me get somewhere new in my career. Thanks again. Hopefully, I will see you at another course!!

Jodi Blasco

Oct 2022

Highly recommend it for anyone pursuing a career in Massage Therapy.  


It looks awesome and great text descriptions," "Brief and to the point. I like it and would buy it. "This book is descriptive, concise and practical. I Manual Therapy.  


I personally will be getting a lot of use out of my copy as I strive to integrate all that I was trained in.


I was in a major ski accident in February 2019, where I ended up breaking nine bones including my femur and my humerus. As an RMT, I went away for a long weekend away and ended up off of work for four months without any financial coverage for the lost income during this period. I needed to recover and get back to work as quickly as possible and therefore, Mike was the first person I called to help get me back to work. Needless to say, I had some pretty serious mobility issues following the accident. Once the fracture in my arm had healed I had a frozen shoulder and following hip surgery, spent two months in a wheelchair. I experienced the effectiveness of end-range loading firsthand. I was amazed after each treatment that I received from Mike; I had significant gains in range of motion and was able to fully recover from the frozen shoulder. Mike was able to get me back to work in four months, which I believe would have been significantly longer having I not received such productive rehab. After experiencing these techniques, I decided to start taking Mike’s courses and passing this work on to my patients and colleagues. I have had the opportunity to work closely with Mike ever since. To be in Mike’s orbit, you can feel the passion that he has for his work and you will be a better therapist just by absorbing a fraction of the information he has to share.

Devon Lachance

Massage therapists have certain treatment options at their disposal. Certainly, Western-based 'Swedish' massage strokes are at the center of these options. But other options that can increase the effectiveness of their treatment are also available. One of these treatment options is joint play. However, joint play is greatly underutilized. This is unfortunate because it is a powerful adjunctive technique that can be such an effective addition to our clients' treatment plans.

Of Massage Therapy Course, anything that has the power to do good also has the power to do harm, if not performed and applied correctly. This is why Mike Dixon's book Joint Play the Right Way: Axial Skeleton is so valuable. In this book, Mike covers the topic of joint play of the axial skeleton in an organized manner that is simple, yet thorough. Each page addresses a specific mobilization that is demonstrated with a clear photo and described completely, along with 'helpful suggestions' for the most effective utilization by the therapist. In addition, the kinesiology of each region is given, the common pathologies of the region are addressed, and indications and contraindication are discussed so that the therapist has a true understanding of the safe and effective application of the technique. Rounding this out, Mike has included Muscle Energy Technique (MET), stretching, and remedial exercises to create a multidimensional treatment approach for the therapist.

Mike has utilized his many years in private practice as well as his many years of teaching experience to craft this book, Joint Play the Right Way: Axial Skeleton, as well as his first book, the companionJoint Play the Right Way: For the Peripheral Skeleton, to serve as in-class manuals or as reference Massage Therapy Textbooks. So, whether you are a student learning joint play for the first time, an instructor who needs the perfect manuals to use in the classroom to help your students accurately learn and master joint play, or a practicing massage therapist who needs an excellent refresher reference text that is quick and easy to use, I strongly recommend these books to you. Both of them are invaluable books that will not sit on your bookshelf but will be used every day in your study and practice.