Head, Neck and Shoulders – Master Class

Head, Neck and Shoulders - Master Class

Head, Neck and Shoulders – Master Class

Price: $250.00$450.00

Instructor: Mike Dixon RMT
Duration: 16 hours.
Dates & Locations:New Westminster: Oct 5th, 6th – 2024. | Vernon: Nov 2nd and 3rd – 2024.

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Course Description:

Utilize techniques which are not taught in MT colleges in this 16-hour course over two days and become a master in this region . This skills-based course primarily utilizing End-range Loading (ERL), Nerve Tensioning, and Joint Glide/mobilization techniques.

Treatment of migraines, Trigeminal neuralgia, tension headaches, IVF stenosis, nerve entrapments like CTS or TOS, Frozen Shoulder, Impingement Syndrome, and other common conditions seen by RMTs. Once you have mastered these techniques you will not look back and you will have more treatment tools to choose from.

 (See below for the definition of “ERL) 

Day one will give you an excellent understanding of these techniques and focus on the Head and Cervical regions.
Day two will be a deeper dive into these advanced techniques for Cervical and Shoulder regions.
You may attend one or both days.

Where and When:

New Westminster:

October 5th, 6th 2024


Nov 2nd, 3rd 2024



Early bird $250/day (reg $300). Register for both days and save an additional 10%= $450 Early bird ends 60 days before the course starts.
Included: Coursebook on techniques, Pizza, and Salad Lunch (day one)

What is End Range Loading Therapy or Techniques?

End Range Loading Techniques (ERL) is essentially taking tissue (nerves, tendons, discs, connective tissue) into a position of tension and then applying an overpressure to stretch and/ or glide the affected tissue to assist with improved function and reduced pain.”
painproclinics.com 2014

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