Orofacial Pain, TMD and Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) – Calgary

Orofacial Pain, TMD and Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN)

Orofacial Pain, TMD and Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) – Calgary

Price: $499.00

Instructor: Mike Dixon RMT
Duration: 14 hours.
Lecture/Practical: 30/70
Date & Location: Nov 16, 17 – Calgary

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Course Description:

This course is designed to give the therapist an excellent understanding of the biomechanical and neurological relationship(s) between the upper cervical spine and the temporomandibular joint within the craniomandibular complex. We will also be exploring Trigeminal Neuralgia and neurogenic headaches and dysfunction of the nervous complex of the head, face and TMD How to intervene in these dysfunction through manual and active therapy. We will be addressing how to provide treatment and management of these dysfunctional life changing conditions.

Please read this article I co wrote with Dr. David Camillis on TN


Techniques such as:

  • Intra and extraoral techniques.
  • Joint Play mobilizations.
  • Myofascial Release.
  • Structural Cranial Mobilizations/compressions.
  • Muscle Energy Techniques for the AA joint.
  • Nerve glide, Nerve mobilization for the Trigeminal nerve, and nerves of the Cranium.
  • End Range mobilization techniques.
  • Cervical glide techniques.
  • Course book will be provided.
  • Credits for course have been submitted to the MTAA and CMMOTA for approval.
  • The NHPC will give 10 credits.(5 max per day)
  • Course investment: Early Bird rate ($449.00) till 30 days before course, thereafter $499, one week before course $549
  • Pizza Lunch included on the first day.
  • Seated in limited, do not delay your registration.


This course will be taught over 2 days and is 14 hours in duration.


By the end of the course the participant should be able to/develop:
  • Discuss the anatomy, kinesiology and pathology of the upper Cervical spine, and the Temporomandibular complex
  • Discuss relative and absolute treatment contraindications for the face, cranium and TMJ treatment techniques.
  • Discuss the biomechanical relationships between the Cervical spine and the TMJ.
  • Perform an orthopedic assessment and special tests for the TMJ.
  • Perform joint mobilization techniques on the TMJ
  • Perform contractile myofascial release techniques for the muscles of mastication.
  • Perform structural cranial techniques such as a mastoid lift and suture mobilizations.
  • Perform cervical techniques to reduce head forward carriage.
  • Perform C1 – C2 Muscle Energy Techniques. (MET)
  • Perform nerve mobilization techniques for the TN, greater and lesser occipital and auricular nerves for the treatment of TN and neuralgic headaches.
  • Perform intra oral massage and digital release to muscle of mastication.
  • Apply Home Care procedures for patients with TMD and TN
  • Apply critical thinking skills used in case study management of orofacial pain, TMD and Trigeminal Neuralgia. (case studies)