Unleash Your Therapy

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Unleash Your Therapy

Price: $449.00

Series Level ONE

Instructor: Mike Dixon RMT
Duration: 14 hours over 2 days
Date & Location: Victoria Sept 23rd, 24th – Edelweiss Club | Vernon Oct 21st, 22nd – OVCMT | New Westminster Nov 18th, 19th WCCMT campus

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By the end of the course, the participant should be able to…

1. Apply End-range loading techniques to the spine and extremities.

2. Apply nerve mobilization techniques to the spine and extremities.

3. Apply Joint mobilizations, and muscle energy techniques to the spine and extremities.

4. Know the rationale of the when, where, and how to apply the listed techniques.

5. Experience the application of these techniques for their therapeutic effect.


Course description

“Unleash Your Therapeutic Success”. Learn how to treat through getting treated with End Range Loading, Nerve, and Joint mobilization, Stretching, and MET techniques.
This course is designed to develop therapeutic judgment and rationale as to when and how to apply these techniques. The participant will have adequate time to apply these techniques and to get treated for any musculoskeletal complaints they may be experiencing.
Through learning and experiencing these procedures the therapist can expand and change their practice to unleash therapeutic effects on their patients. Unleash the powerful effect of renewing and changing your practice.
Stabilization straps will be employed to isolate targeted tissue which makes these techniques even more effective.

The 5 things we strive for in every workshop:

1. Have a great experience
2. Learn something new
3. Become more effective in your clinical practice
4. Develop better critical thinking skills
5. Get refreshed with new ideas and break out of old patterns


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